Wind Harm???

I was recently fortunate enough to spend a sunny week down in the South West of England.

After a couple of days in Torrington and then Saunton, North Devon we headed down to St Ives on the Atlantic Coast road, running past Bude. I grew up in North Devon but it’s a good few years since I headed down to the deepest depths of Kernow. The last time I was on the A39/A30 it had grass growing down the middle of the carriage way!

I was enthralled by the rolling hills meeting the rugged coast line, but I’d seen all that before. What took my breath away was the wind farms. I know this is a contentious issue but I love them. There is no political agenda behind that statement, I am aware of the arguments for and against wind power and have my own views too. As a physical spectacle I find them utterly fascinating. For me they add an extra feature of interest to an already beautiful scene. And if they succeed in doing what they are meant to they’ll save the world too!

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