What is Night Vision Technology?

How Does Night Vision Work?

In simple terms night vision technology works by taking in infrared light and making it visible. You cannot see infrared light with the naked eye, it appears on the electromagnetic spectrum before visible light, red light through to violet, beyond violet is ultraviolet.

Each Luna Optics Night Vision unit consists of an objective lens (front), an electronic intensifier tube (EIT) with power supply and the ocular (eyepiece).

Ambient light reflects from the viewed object, passes through the objective lens and creates an image on the photo cathode screen, located on the front of the EIT.

Inside the tube the light is electronically intensified and projected in green on the phosphoresent screen on the back of the tube. The image then passes through the ocular on to the eye.

When switched on the infra red illuminator emits a beam of infrared light on to the viewed image which is then reflected back to the night vision device. This makes night vision possible when there is no ambient light, for example when underground or on a cloudy night.

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