Binocular Top Tips

  • Make sure your binoculars are listed on your household insurance policy.
  • Never drop them, unless your life depends on it!
  • Dropping binoculars into water isn’t such a bad thing, provided they are waterproof! The water breaks the fall and acts as a cushion.
  • Beware the term waterproof! It generally means that the binoculars will stand immersion in water one metre deep for one minute. If you drop your binoculars off the Isle of Wight ferry and hire a diver to retrieve them from the bottom of the Solent the chances are you will be very disappointed!
  • Never ever leave your binoculars in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time. The worse possible place to leave them on a sunny day is on the dashboard or parcel shelf of your car.
  • If your binocular carrying strap shows any sign of wear replace it before it lets you or your binoculars down.
  • Never try and remove dust or grit from your binoculars’ lenses with a cloth! The chances are you will score the coatings and severely degrade the optical performance. Use a ‘Puffer’ to blow the particles away.

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