Suburban Safari

These days most of us live in or around towns and cities.  But we are finding ourselves increasingly sharing this space with uninvited guests.  Many species of animal, plant and insect are successfully surviving, even thriving in our urban and suburban areas.

These are known as synurbic species, or wildlife that lives where we do.

I grew up in a rural area and you might expect that I was often seeing lots of wild animals.  The fact is that wildlife life is pretty good at staying away from people in the countryside.  It seems the best place to see British wildlife up close is in the urban and suburban environs.

When I first moved from a small rural town in Devon to a sprawling city I was surprised by how much wildlife I saw, especially after dark.  Some species particularly rats, badgers, foxes and pigeons are very common in built up areas.  Some research shows that they often live in greater numbers in some towns than outside of them (Francis and Chadwick, 2011).  We are also increasingly seeing deer in populated areas of the UK.

There is plenty you can do to encourage wildlife in your garden, for example replacing fences and walls with hedges.  This will provide nesting spaces and allow hedgehogs to move around.

Dig a pond.  This will provide a place for birds and mammals to drink and a habitat for frogs, newts and dragon flies.  Leave out the fish as they’ll eat spawn and invertebrates.

Plant fruit trees and bushes.  These will provide sustenance for all manner of insects and mammals including hedgehogs, badgers and bats.  Also add a bird box.

Build a bird table of hang bird feeders.

Finally, do nothing!  Leave aside an area for grass to grow long.  This will encourage wild flowers and mosses to grow too.

Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your own natural eco-system.

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A good night vision unit, whether a night vision scope or binoculars, will allow you to see the nocturnal world without disturbing the behaviour of its inhabitants.  A lamp or torch is to be avoided as it will temporarily startle wildlife.  This is particularly dangerous for birds for obvious reasons.

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