Re-collimation of the BESSER 10×50 (LIDL SPECIAL) for just £10

The fabulous BRESSER/MEADE 10×50 High Resolution Special was mainly sold to the public by the German supermarket chain Lidl at an insanely low price. It was a fantastic bargain and because it was so cheap a lot of people didn’t bother to get them fixed if they had a problem. This is a shame because they were a fantastic bargain. They featured high resolution eyepieces and BAK-4 glass prisms, usually only found on binoculars costing in excess of £100. If properly collimated they produced a stunning performance for the price.

Unfortunately they suffered a disproportionate failure rate due to collimation problems, which gave them a bad reputation. We suspect that this was largely due to the supermarket treating the binoculars in the same way that it treats a sack of spuds and is not a reflection on the quality of the binocular.

We hope that our SPECIAL OFFER to re-collimate these stunning binoculars for just £10 will persuade you to have them restored and still remain an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN that will give you years and years of viewing pleasure.

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