Luna Optics LN-ELIR-1 Super Long Range Laser IR Illuminator


Lunar Optics LN-ELIR-1 (Slide Adapter) is one of the most compact and lightweight IR Illuminators on the market yet it’s laser IR beam is super powerful, and provides a perfect circle of infra red beam giving a viewing range of up to 1,000 meters when used with a Generation-2+ and higher power devices. The LN-ELIR-1 is fitted with a slide connector see chart below. Nine-power levels adjustment wheel allow user to fine-tune the beam’s intensity to perfectly augment the outside ambient light conditions and to preserve some of the battery’s life. The beam can be narrowed for super long distance viewing or widened for shorter distances; it can also be custom adjusted along the X and Y axes to perfectly position the beam in the centre of the screen of your particular night vision device. Each illuminator is supplied with a pouch that fits to the belt and a beam adjustment tool.

LN-PB5-+-LN-EIR Laser Illuminator fitted



• Wavelength: 810nm •

• Power: 90mW •

• Field of Illumination: 01 ~ 5 degrees •

• Max. Range of View: 1,000m (3,260ft) •

• Power: 1x3V Lithium CR123 type •

• Operating Time: 6 hours •

• Dimensions: 114mm x24mm x31mm (4.5”x0.9”x1.2”) •

• Weight: 75g (2.6oz) •

Model LN-ELIR-1 – Slide Adapter
(Fits to models)*

Model LN-ELIR-2 – Screw Adapter
(Fits to models)*

Model LN-ELIR-3 – Picatinny Rail Adapter 
(Fits to models)*
Fits directly to the Picatinny rail and can be used in conjunction with any Gen-1, Gen-2 (2+) and Gen-3 device.

* To ensure compatibility, please let us know which model you plan to fit the illuminator to at the time of order.

Order Laser IR Illuminator New @ 359.95

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