Lunar Vision LN-PB7 Super Powerful Generation 1 Night Vision Binocular with 7x Magnification

The LN-PB7 is the latest Super High Power 7x Magnification ‘Premium’ Binocular night vision design from Luna Optics.

The LN-PB7 is the most powerful night vision binocular in the Luna Optics range. This is a strong binocular constructed from aluminium for strength and lightness. It fits comfortably into the hands with conveniently placed one touch controls to maximise ease of operation in total darkness. The super powerful 7x magnification combined with the latest light transmission coatings on the 120mm objective lens provide vivid sharp images. The optical system provides a superb 8° angle of view, and can focus down to as close as five metres.

This precision made night vision binocular is suitable for all types of after dark surveillance, whether you’re interested in wild life, surveillance or security or just want to know what is going on around you in the dark. This unit is compact, and weights just 1090g and is weather resistant. The IR illuminator is effective and puts the light right were your wanting it in the centre of the viewfinder!

The LN-PB7 has a built-in accessory slot which is capable of mounting the new LN-ELIR-1 laser illuminator. This is a powerful illuminator capable of resolving targets at an incredible, for Generation-1 device, 800m. This combination has to be seen to be believed, we think it will blow your socks off!

When you buy any night vision instrument from Luna Optics you are investing in a quality product. For a start Luna Optics only fit the best tubes to their products, please don’t be fooled that all ‘Generation One’ units are the same-they are not. See the ‘Why buy Luna Optics Night Vision’ link for more details.

Full specification for the LN-PB7

  • Technology: A Grade High Resolution Generation One
  • Magnification: 7x
  • Objective Lens: 120mm
  • Field of view: 8°
  • Focus Range: 5m – ∞
  • Viewing Distance: 450m
  • Dimensions: 270mmx127mmx65mm
  • Weight: 1090 grams
  • Power Source: 2x LR1 Lithium Battery
  • Duration: 30 Hours
  • Supplied with protective carrying case: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 Year

When you buy a Luna Optics Night Vision instrument we think you’re buying the best quality model for the price-and that’s our promise to you!

Super High Power 7x Magnification Night Vision Binocular
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