Lunar Optics LN-EMG1Elite Generation 2+ Night Vision Monocular

Compact LN-EMG 1

Introducing the Luna Optics Compact, Light Weight, LN-EMG 1 Generation 2+ Elite Night Vision Scope

The new N-EMG 1 is a palm sized mini monocular with a big performance! This has to be the ultimate compact night vision scope, weighing in at a mere 380grams, making it the ideal choice for those wishing to travel light.

Don’t be fooled by its size! The LN-EMG 1 is packed with performance and features. The unit is fitted with a grade ‘A’ generation 2+ tube that outperforms many older designed generation 3 units still in service. It operates on one lithium CR123 size cell which will power the scope for up to 36 hours giving the LN-EMG 1 outstanding endurance. Its body is all aluminium and is water and shock resistant. The unit features all glass complex multicoated optical system providing vivid images with edge to edge clarity, surpassing that of any comparable device currently on the market. This coupled with a wide field of view of a staggering 40° makes this unit outstanding. The scope has a built in IR illuminator that will enable the user to see clearly even in total darkness.

LN-EMG 1 Mounted on the optional Head Mask

But that is not the end of the ‘Good News’ the LN-EMG 1 is highly adaptable! Accessories include an optional head-mask for hands free viewing; large magnification lenses and extended range diode and laser IR Illuminators enabling the user to customise the unit precisely to their needs. The unit comes supplied with a carrying case.


  •  Intensifier Tube; Generation 2+
  • Magnification; 1x
  • Objective Lens; 26mm
  • Field of View; 40°
  • Focusing distance; 25cm ~ ∞
  • Viewing Distance; 175m
  • Dimensions; 133mm x 47mm x 70mm
  • Weight; 380g
  • Power; 1x Lithium CR123 Cell
  • Operating Time (without IR) 36hrs
  • Warranty 2 Years (Tube 1 year)