Luna Optics LN-NVB5 Night Vision Binocular 5x Magnification with built in adjustable beam Infra Red Illuminator


• Water-resistant design

• High-grade intensifier tubes

• Wide field of view in class

• Built-in powerful and focusing IR illuminator

• Shade-style folding eyecups

• Tripod mount and accessory rail mount

Top-range LN-NVB5 features powerful 5x magnification for extra distance and more detailed images, while still providing respectable 15 degrees Field Of View, wider than any comparable magnification model

Our brand-new LN-NVB range of high quality night vision binoculars feature user friendly design and compact body style, which is easy to hold and operate. All-glass multi-element optics minimize image distortion and allow for quicker light transmission. High-grade Intensifier Tubes are hand-selected for matching clarity, resolution and color hue. Water-resistant body allows use in inclement weather and large operation buttons are easy to press even with winter gloves. Furthermore the buttons operation mimics positive mechanical push, while being digital to improve longevity and reliability. Shade style eyecups shield the light coming out of the ocular lens, allowing its user to remain covert during operation. The eyecups can also be folded to allow use with eyeglasses.

Built-in powerful IR illuminator features adjustable infrared beam and provides additional, invisible to the naked eye light up to 100yds, allowing use in complete darkness. Standard ¼” tripod mount adds convenience of using the binoculars hands-free, particularly useful for wildlife observation and star gazing allowing attachment of extended range IR illuminators. Supplied with protective lens caps, carrying case and covered by Luna optics 12 month guarantee.


• Image Tube: Gen-1 Hi-Grade •

• Image Resolution: 36 lp/mm •

• Magnification: 5x •

• Objective Lens: 50mm •

• Field of View, Degrees: 15 •

• Viewing Distance, ¼ Moon: 250m •

• IR Effective Distance: 100m •

• Dimensions, mm: 228x120x64 •

• Weight, kg: 1.2 •

Night Vision Binocular
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