All New Luna Optics LN-DM2 Digital Night Vision Monocular

Introducing the ‘all new ultra compact’ Luna Optics LN-DM2 Digital Night Vision Monocular.LN-DM2_factory

The first thing that leaps at you the first time you see the LN-DM2 is it’s ultra compact size. It is the most compact fully featured night vision scope that I have ever seen at this sort of price! It fits comfortably into the palm of my hand yet all the controls are conveniently placed for ease of use. I really don’t think there is anything to be gained by making these devices any smaller – this is just the perfect size!

The second thing you will notice, as soon as you switch the unit on, is that you are looking at an entirely new form of night vision device. Gone is the green distorted image that you used to get with the more traditional, replaced by a crisp black and white finder image which is virtually distortion free. You also have complete control over the brightness of the image with the all new brightness control wheel.

LN-DM2_sizeThe built in LED Infrared Illuminator allows you to use the scope even in complete darkness. This illuminator works at a frequency that means it is invisible to the naked eye, so even though with the scope it looks like you have turned on a powerful torch, to any person or animal near bye the user remains invisible.

This is an ideal scope for anyone interested in security or the world of nature and what happens when darkness falls – it’s also great fun to use! For those who want to know a little more here are the units specifications:

  • Ultra compact and lightweight design
  • 2x Magnification
  • Light sensitive CCD works in up to 0.003lux
  • Built in powerful IR Illuminator
  • Separate Brightness Control Wheel
  • Day or Night use
  • Objective lens diameter: 24mm
  • Minimum focusing distance 25cm
  • Viewing range: 150m
  • Field of View: 11°
  • Power source: 1x 3v Lithium (CR123)
  • Dimensions: 138mm x 76mm x 58mm
  • Weight: 300 grams

Supplied with carrying case and wrist strap