SERVICE STOCK!, what does that mean?

At Opticalia we sell various grades of refurbished ‘Service Stock’ as well as new stock.

We are primarily a service supplier, that service being the repair of binoculars and spotting scopes. Up until very recently our service was not available to the general public. Our customers have historically been major optical retailers, importers and manufacturers. We have dealt with all the service issues in the UK for customers such as Bresser for their Safari range, the Vanguard range and most recently the Barr & Stroud range of optical products. When a product is returned faulty by a consumer under manufacturers guarantee the retailer or importer will normally replace the item free of charge to the customer, depending on the circumstances, the faulty item is then sent to us to be repaired and refurbished. Because the item has been pre-owned, even though we have returned it to factory specification, it can not be sold again ‘as new’. We will offer to sell it to the public through this website but we will reclassify the item in the following three ways.


Items with this description will have been returned to all intents and purposes to its original ‘out of the box’ new condition. Typically they will be boxed complete with all accessories as originally supplied and will carry the manufacturer’s full guarantee. However they will have been either repaired or readjusted by us to bring them back to the manufacturer’s original specification. Most binoculars in this category will have been found to be out of collimation the first time they were unboxed and we have re-collimated them.


Items with this description will have been in the hands of the consumer for some little time before they were exchanged, and although we will have returned them to the original manufacturer’s specification they may show signs of being used and can not therefore be classified as ‘As New’. They will though still be covered by the manufacture’s guarantee as well as our own.


Items under this classification will have been with the consumer for a longer period of time before they developed a fault and were replaced. Typically they will not be boxed in the original presentation box, there will show definite signs of wear, straps and case will shows signs of use. They will have been repaired by us and will be optically up to the original manufacturer’s specification. Binoculars in this classification will carry our guarantee.


Is just that, brand new stock straight from the manufacturer. However it will have been out of its box because we will have inspected it to make sure it is in perfect working order as part of our service to you our customer.

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