On the Move

As we are returning from our holidays cast your eyes skywards and you may well see thousands of birds leaving these shores for warmer climes.

The late breeding hobby is particularly active at this time of year with young birds taking to the skies for the first time and older birds heading south for the winter.  The hobby is a serious high speed predator that can reach speeds of up to 100mph.  Have a look out for them hunting fast moving prey like swifts, dragon fly, martins and swallows.

Also on the move are Manx shearwater and Arctic skua.  These sea birds can be spotted from coastal areas over the next couple of weeks, weather conditions permitting.  You may need to look more carefully if you want to see a winchat.  The best place to spot them is on the coast but they can also be found on open land around theUK. Unfortunately these song birds are on the decline.

There are two types of migration. Obligate – controlled by genetics – and facultative – controlled by environmental factor such as shortening days and cooler temperatures.

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