Latest from the Lab

At Opticalia we specialise in the repair of binoculars old and new.  We also repair spotting scopes.  This is a picture of a pair Swift Storm King binoculars that were recently disassembled for cleaning before being reassembled and recollimated.




This is a photo of our collimation machine. It projects an image on the screen allowing us to see if your binocular’s prisms are correctly aligned.





This is what you see if your binocular’s prisms are out of alignment.  By making tiny adjustments to the angle of the the prisms or objective lenses your binoculars will be return to full working order.





This a pair of recently refurbished Barr & Stroud 7x30s.  We think they are pre WWII.  They were fully disassembled for cleaning before recollimation.





If you are having any problems with your optics drop us a line.  We keep lots of spare parts including lens caps and carry cases so let us know if you need anything.