Patience, strong fingers, a bit more patience and regular mugs of tea.  These are the core requirements of a binocular repair man.   I have spent many, many hours huddled in a drafty work shop this winter, tiny screwdriver in hand doing battle with blurry, rattling, cracked and dented pairs of binoculars.

They say there is a long tradition in this country of men in sheds solving some of the world’s great engineering challenges.  While I can’t say I’ve come up with anything to change the course of humanity I have saved several pairs of binoculars from going to landfill.  In our post-throw away society it’s not just Kirsty Allsop that can repair, reuse and redecorate (or re-collimate).  Yes, I’ve had to sit through her programmes too.

An Eastern European style super market chain has been selling fairly high spec “look-a-like” binoculars for about £10 each.  This is incredible value for money as the brand they look like sell their version for around ten times this.  Unfortunately it seems they were treated with all the care of a budget airline baggage handler and many had their alignment knocked out before reaching the shelves.  At Opticalia we can get these operational again, replacing damaged eye cups, scuffed casing etc and realigning (re-collimating) the prisms.

We will happily have a look at your damaged or miss-aligned binoculars and can normally tell if they can be saved straight away.  We strive to get them back to you within 10 working days and can provide a quote the day they arrive with us.  We have a large stock of spare parts, lens caps, carry cases.  So before you chuck them out let us have a look.  If they can’t be fixed we have a large stock of used and reconditioned binoculars waiting to replace them.

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